Mantras is one vocal sounds made mathematically and with a specific function. Sai Baba says that it is a mystical formula of great power.

They exist mantras to heal, for protection, well-being, many things.

A technique exists to meditate in which mantra is used, it would have mathematically to be calculated according to the complete name of the person and to her date of birth. When you wish that all the benefits of the meditation are pronounced of a way fast and easy in your life write me, you send your name to me and your date of birth and reasonable price I will give your personal mantra, if you cannot, then you do the following thing:

Between "mantras" most powerful it is syllable "OM", its symbolic content it is the sound of the creation of the Universe, is the sound of the Big Bang, is the sound of the first explosion that happened, from that way, with the power of this one mantra are possible to be obtained many things, mainly the changes of conduct and intellectuals who were specified in the Benefits.

It is necessary to pronounce it verbally first, with strong intensity, variants as well in the intensity as it is being pronounced, at first soft, then fort and after soft and more soft and finalizing very very very soft, and in very slow form.

One says that mantra "OM" is formed by three sounds: "A", "U", and "M", in your site of preferred to Meditate, and with the closed eyes, you do an inspiration slowly and deep and, it initiates the pronunciación of mantra with the "A" like beginning from the stomach, gradualy, slow and progressively changing to "O" and soon to the "U" feeling that the sound ascends and that at throat level makes you vibrate until the toraxic box, soon finalizing with the "M" at level of lips, in prolonged way, like that:


Later after several repetitions, you are diminishing the intensity in slow and progressive way, until arriving to only whisper it, soon, you begin to pronounce it mentally, first with strong intensity, as if you were shouting with your thought, after pronouncing it some times of this one way, are diminishing the intensity progressively, until only you thus whisper it mentally and continuous until completing the 20 to 30 minutes, and thus, from your next session of Meditation in ahead, you will be already in conditions only for whispering mantra mentally.

Others mantras are:

When the decision is taken and the Energy initiates its ascent from the first Chakra, activating each one of the Chakras, no longer is return back, well, in the characteristics of each Chakra exists a call Sound Root, is the sound produced in the center of the Chakra, is in Sanskrit "bija" or Sound Seed, Sound Root or Fundamental Sound, is root or seed of other sounds or Mantras, is "bija Mantra"; with regard to bija, Sai Baba says in a book written by Jaishree D. Menon the following thing: "an impulse or Bija has the capacity to stop, to extend, to fluctuate, to turn aside, to reflect, to materialize or to desmaterialize any kind of form of Energy". In order to begin, it is necessary to go to "bija" of the First Chakra : "Lam", when pronouncing this one sound of identical form to as it were described for the Mantra "Om", and meditating in the First Chakra, you manage to activate that Chakra to a certain extent, the Chakra vibrates when pronouncing that Mantra, however, if you want that "it rotates" or it is seen give to returns his Energy, you must pronounce the sounds of the petals in the order in which they are written, "Vam" "Sham" "Sam" "Sam", the first "Sham" is a paladial sound, produced in the later part of hard palate, the second Sam must be a cacuminal sound, to pronounce between the tongue and the forcebody of hard palate, and the third Sam is dental, and if in addition to "Lam", him extreme the sounds of the petals, that is, "Lam" "Vam" "Sham" "Sam" "Sam", you will obtain an activation much more completes of the First Chakra. Attention, not to invent varying the order of the sounds of the petals, first soon third, etc. NO, and nor it is happened to you to pronounce them in inverted order, with this last one you will lose Energy, and to make it only one single time, the order that I suggest to practice most frequently, has in its greater activation of the component of the emotional part. With "Lam" you can be the twenty recommended minutes meditating, or the time that you want, but the sounds of the petals you must pronounce them maximum in three opportunities, if you exceed, you will overload yourself of Energy, and this is not very healthy that we say. In order to activate the other Chakras, the same indications, sound root all along that you want, and soon a series of sounds of the petals, not to happen of three repetitions. It is important not to meditate much in only a Chakra with his corresponding "bija Mantra", I say much, many days, without dedicating nothing to him to the other Chakras, because it will exist on power load of the Chakra to which you dedicate many more times to him. It is necessary to meditate in all and each one of the Chakras, of this one form are managed to balance the Energies. If you feel that there is imbalance, or somebody that truely knows of this, says to you that exists a imbalance in your Energies, "meditates using" bija Mantra: "Lam" "Vam" "ram" "Yam" "Ham" "Om" "Aum", or you can annex a "Om to all" between "ram" and "Yam", is to say: "Lam" "Vam" "Ram" "Om" "Yam" "Ham" "Om" "Aum" or better even: "Lam" "Vam" "Ram" "Gum" "Shrim" "Aim" "Yam" "Ham" "Om" "Aum".
The Mantras of the Second Chakra is, the central: "Vam" and those of the petals: "Bam" "Bham" "Mam" "Yam" "Ram" "Lam", the only specification to carry out in relation to the pronunciation of these Mantras, is in the second, that "Bham" is to the Arab style, to combine sound of "b" and "h", like a pronouncing sub-gerent, solely, you could pronounce them in the inverted order, if you wish a greater activation of the mental component, or to unload some excess of Energy of this one Chakra.
The Mantras of the Third Chakra is, the central: "Ram", and the Mantras of the petals: "Dam" "Dham" "Nam" "Tam" "Tham" "Dam" "Dham" "Nam" "Pam" "Pham", the first three are cacuminales, that is to say, to pronounce between the tongue and previous
hard palate, clarifying that in the second "Dham", and it is obtained tightening the tongue against previous palate, the other three are dental, is to say produced between the tongue and the teeth, the same reservation for the "h", last the two, are labiales pure, the same. You could pronounce them in the inverted order, if you wish a greater activation of the mental component, or unload some excess of Energy of this one Chakra, also are possible to be pronounced mantras of the petals of the other Chakras, except of first and seventh.
For the Chakra of the Solar Plexus, there is nothing written in Hindu Literature, nor no name it has, there is no graphs, is Mantras, nothing; it is the only Chakra with three deities: Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati, deities of the Energy, the Fortune and the Wisdom respectively; nevertheless bijas corresponding to each one of these deities is: "Gum", "Shrim" and "Aim", pronouncing these mantras, you would activate its Energies; I repeat, it is the only existing Chakra when being born, has greater amount of petals than its immediate inferior one and superior, also it is the Chakra of greater size, it is a Chakra that extends the dimension space-time, he is regulating and dispenser of Energies to the other Chakras, and has relation with ours first conscience, for that reason, and some other reasons I believe that when meditating in this one Chakra, the Mantra to pronounce is the "Om", the Mantra of the Mantras, although bija mantras that corresponds to him by its deities is: "Gum", "Shrim" and "Aim", I suggest when pronouncing the sequence of sounds of the petals, that you will see in the page of the "Chakra of the Solar Plexus", you carry out a single opportunity, Ok, by on load of Energy that receipt to I to pronounce them more of once, have of adviceto you which you only must pronounce them a single time.
For the Fourth Chakra , the Mantras is: like central Mantra or main "Yam", and the Mantras of the petals, "Kam" "Kham" "Gam" "Gham" "Nam" "Cham" "Chham" "Jam" "Jham" "Ñam" "Tam" "Tham". The first five are guttural, that is to say, which you must pronounce them in the later part of the buccal cavity, seconds five are paladials, that is, to pronounce at level of
hard palate, in the central portion of the mouth, "Cham" like so, whereas "Chham", pronouncing it like|shham|, like when offers to shut up to somebody.
In the Fifth Chakra , the Mantras is "Ham" like central, and the Mantras of the petals is: "am" "âm" "im" "îm" "um" "ûm" "rim" "rîm" "lim" "lîm" "command post" "aim" "om" "aum" "amm" "ahm". They are the sixteen vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet, the difference in the pronunciation between the sounds in which the letters do not have accent, and those that if they have, are that the accentuated ones, the sound when pronouncing it must be of greater duration.
For the Sixth Chakra the Mantras is the central "Om", and the one of the petals is: "Ham" and "Ksham".
Some do not describe Mantra for the Seventh Chakra , others say that the Mantra of this one Chakra is "Ahm", for my is "Aum", also is the Chakra of all the sounds seed. If you write them, or you read them one by one, he is preferable to write them or to read them all so, because each Mantra has Energy, and an Energy, that if you only write some, you are unbalanced power, you I say it because I have the personal experience, I wrote them of the first a sixth, "Lam" "Vam" "ram" "Yam" "Ham" "Om", I left them in my doctor's office, and whenever it entered felt to me bad, because if it had a knot in the throat, a species of anxiety and, it did not explain to me why. A day I realize that of each one of these Mantras leaves Energy towards me, and days later a person arrives at my doctor's office who is vidente, and she asks to her: "what do you see in these letters", she aswered to me: "which they send Energy to you to each one of your Chakras, but because if it lacked something, not...", I examine the series of Mantras and I see that they are only six, I annexed "Aum", and sacred remedy, I began to receive Energy in each one of my seven Chakras main, and later, whenever I entered to my doctor's office felt me far better. For the Seventh Chakra use the Mantra: "Aum".

They exist many other Mantras, the Mantra of Peace, the Mantra for Shiva, the Mantra for Krishna, each divinity has its Mantra, and there are Mantras de Mantras, Mantras to enchant, Mantras to seduce, Mantras for submission, Mantras for protection, and others..., the most appreciated of all is the Gayatri, in which illumination is requested to God, and according to the understood ones, it is what easier it is obtained with this one Mantra, also is possible with this one mantra to be sanctified the food, the daily bath, desembarazarte of negative Energies, and many other things more with the Gayatri. Many say that it is not necessary to know the meaning in himself of the Mantra, because the Mantra acts of all ways, I agree, but the curiosity is something great, and many we insisted on trying to know and to know more, and sometimes some can be translated, but of others the translation sometimes is made troublesome and difficult.
The power of transformation of Energies that have the sounds is surprising, and between the sounds, the Mantras is most powerful, one of my experiences was with a boy of 14 years, who had suffered of a meningitis towards 9 months, and as sequel presented one left hemiplegia, all secondary to an average right purulent otitis badly treated, was 8 months and 10 days making Fisioterapy, without no answer. He arrives at my doctor's office loaded by two people, the mother and an aunt, places it in the stretcher, feels and they tell the happened thing me, to the examination aside from the spastic paralysis, existed problems in the speech, I examine it power and I feel that blockades at level of both left members exist and in the fifth Chakra, as I am it examining, story the findings to its relatives, then it is happened to me to deal it with sounds, and I say to him to the mother who passes the bell, because she has it at the hand, beginning the first session, and to the 5 minutes I say to the boy: "Open your hand", and he opened it, without difficulty, at the sixth day he was walking only and with cane, and speaking with enough fluidity. Next, some Mantras Hindu, and tibetans mantras, written so and as would have to be their pronunciation, and that we can recite all, without the necessary participation of a Gurú, in relation to this, some Yoguis says that in the life a Gurú, can present a Mantra in only 5 or 6 opportunities, since it must recite it not whichever thousands of times, but I think different, it is spiritual food, and God that I know is not egoistic, all we can eat, mainly those who we are hungry, There those that do not eat, And having eaten...

What if is certain, it is that the Mantra is due to repeat at least 108 times in day so that the complete effect to takes place.

Gayatri Mantra
(illumination, wisdom, purification, protection)
Bhur Buvas Suvaha
Tat savitur Baren yam
Bhargo devas ya dhimahi
Diyo yo nah prachodayat.
When reciting each line, doing silence about 2 seconds.

Shiva Mantra
(well-being, protection, Energy)
Om namah shivaya
shivaya namah Om.

Antarmukham Mantra
(for the development of the Sixth Chakra)
Yatho vhacho nivertante aprapya manasasaha.

Savitri Mantra
(protection of negative Energies)
Yaum raum em
Krim kalasarkaya
Bhur buvas suaron
yualini kula mudhara.

Mantra the Jewel of the Loto
Om mani padme hum.

Mantra for wisdom
Om arapachanadhi hum.

Mantra for purification
Om vayrasattva hum.

Shanti Mantra
Asato ma sad gamaya
thamaso ma jyothir gamaya
mrityor ma amritham gamaya.

Mantra in order to sanctify the food
Anam Brahma
Rasam Vishnu
Bakto devo Mahesvara.

Agni Prãkar Mantra
Om traylokya raksha raksha hum phat suvaha.

Tara (chinese-tibetan goddess) that it protects of negative Energies:
Um tare tutare ture
sarva dushing bikanen
bham phe soha.
This Mantra is chinese-tibetan, the "Um" is the equivalent one to the Hindu "Om", "phe" is the Hindu "phat", and the "soha" is the indian "suvaha".

Tara that it increases the power
Um bema tare sendara
hri sarva loka
washum kuru ho.

The orations also are Mantras, being among them, the most appreciated by many of us, the Father Our. The Ave Maria also is powerful, very powerful. And everything is not faith, as I intuit that you could be thinking about this one moment, exists something essential that if you do not have it, you walk well by the life, but nonequal to himself you had it, that something is the confidence in God.
Many years ago, a called Indian "Siboney" gave a beautiful oration to me, to be pronounced in the morning, to as soon as to be conscious, leaving the dream, and with the arms raised towards the sky, he says me:

Oh! God,
Today I do delivery to you all my life,
in your will it is my power,
and in your power it is my victory,
Guide me!
In order to reach your great intentions,
and that You are the goal of my efforts.

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